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The following are the criteria for the exclusion of adult volunteers including, but not limited to, managers, coaches or any other volunteer who has direct contact with youth sports participants.

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The General Eligibility Requirements are not intended to restrict any school from setting local academic requirements or otherwise exercising control over its curriculum, grading practices and policies regarding the granting of class credit.

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ITEMS The sale of Tshirts and other souvenir items is prohibited at all district, regional and state tournaments held in school facilities, without the specific permission of the Commissioner or hisdesignee.

Stripers are noted by a strip of black tape running over the center of the helmet. This student could becomeeligible at the start of the second nineweek period. May a high school diver accept money to perform a diving exhibition in a restaurant? All other oǀertime rules in the National Federation Footďall Ruleďook shall apply. Are permitted to law requirements, national federation for the severity of a judgement call for only take up. Coaches must attend mandatory pre season rulesmeeting.

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Wild Card team in the semifinals, unless they both come from the same group. They were the first efforts at a national professional football championship. The coach of the offending school also shares this reporting responsibility. The Secretary will count all votes and report the results to the AYFL Board.
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